Gobble Up Stories


Latest theatre production in which I’m involved (this time, solely as an actor): Gobble Up Stories by TACIT/Caltech Players. (TACIT is Theatre Arts at the California Institute of Technology. There is also EXPLiCIT — the Extracurricular Players at the California Institute of Technology.)

The Gobble-Up Stories (yes, the hyphenation is inconsistent between the book and the play) is a collection of fables written by Caltech Professor Emeritus Oscar Mandel. As fables go, Gobble Up is a mix of parable (here’s a moral, and here’s story by which to remember it), poetry (ooh pretty language), and just plain bizarre tales.

The production runs 4-6 April 2014 at the Ramo Auditorium at Caltech. Directed by Kathryn Bikle, adapted for stage by Ann Lindsey. The beautiful artwork was done for this production by Maria Raykova.


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