Hi there!

I’m a technologist and space origami engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. I develop technologies for the next generation of spacecraft structures that need to be folded up for launch and then unfolded once in space.

Photo credit: Sarah Reingewirtz

In my free time, I photograph things, fold paper, produce and act in theater shows, play music, and write stuff.

Here’s my CV. Email me at manan.arya at gmail.com; follow me on Twitter and Instagram @spacemanan.

Credit for the photograph above goes to Sarah Reingewirtz.


I work on the packaging and deployment of spacecraft structures. To fit inside launch vehicles, many large spacecraft structures need to be packaged. Once in space, they need to be deployed. I design ways of folding these thin, large-area structures, and study how they unfold once in space. A particular focus is to use origami as a point of inspiration to design ways of folding large-areas structures (such as antennas, photovoltaic arrays, sunshields, and solar sails).

Here are some videos of lectures I’ve given and experiments I’ve been involved in:

I’ve collected some notable large-area deployable space structures in a (occasionally updated) chart here.


Complete list at my Google Scholar page. Feel free to email me for a copy of any of these papers.

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